Here Comes The Adventure….

Well, sort of.  It’s not the answer that I or many of you have wanted to know.

I promised last Thursday that I would write a blogpost that would better explain my Facebook post that was a bit vague.

It didn’t start vague.  The Facebook post just started to be an innocent exclamation that I had turned down a spot at The Classical Academy’s Cottage School program for Zoe and that I was have a few heart palpitations regarding that decision.

My Facebook Post ended up being…


Sometimes we say yes to things that bring us fear out of shear obedience to God — THIS is one of those times.

May I be faithful to follow in the footsteps for which I have been created.

…I’ll try to get a blog post with better details done


I realized that there was so much more behind the statement that it deserved a memory written in words…so that’s what this is…a blogpost for myself to remember THIS place and time in life…and for those who do read, you can understand where I am today and what has brought me to this place.

hogan adventuresIn February, we made a decision that we expected would change our lives beginning in May of this year that would create a year of adventure – traveling, working, and doing school based out of Arizona but traveling quite a bit.  In March, due to situations out of our control, that decision was put on hold.  I cannot really explain too much about what has caused that decision to delay or be put on hold; however, it really has left our family wondering what the next weeks would hold since March.  It has been hard to make plans, make commitments, choose vacations, and even to know what school would look like for the Hogans in 2016-2017.

For me personally, how my children would be educated in the coming year has been my biggest stressor as we have walked through this season.  Ray’s job has never been threatened and I know we’ll have a roof over our heads no matter where our physical living location might be.

If we were on the road, we were going to homeschool – like REAL homeschool – for the first time ever.  We have “homeschooled” according to those who know us for the past 7 years, but we have always had a public school component to our homeschool life.  Colorado offers an abundance of public school options for homeschoolers.  For the last 3 years, I have been more of a facilitator of Ben’s work and for Jake, that has been true for the past 2 years.  Zoe was just about to enter the state where I would be a facilitator of school more than her teacher.  That has been my plan for 7 years of homeschooling…I would slowly move them towards public school beginning in 6th grade.

If the plan was to stay in CO in 2016-2017, this is what school was going to look like…

Ben – traditional Public High School at Discovery Canyon Campus in North Colorado Springs

Jake – Full-time College Pathways with Math at home (it is a public hybrid school where students go to school 1-2 days a week with a classroom teacher and do the rest at home/online)

Zoe – Part-time Cottage School (she would go to school one day a week where the focus is on language arts including writing, grammar, literature along with various extras) and math at home.

Jake and Zoe have requested to be traditionally homeschooled even before the thought of an adventure was mentioned.  I have a masters of science, I was a straight-A student in high school and with my masters.  I have homeschooled for 7 years even having my oldest graduate from homeschool last year.  She was awarded a Presidential Scholarship for Academic performance at BIOLA University.  You would think I would have confidence in my abilities…but truth be told, I want excellence for my kids and sometimes I think they are a part of my experiment.  Ben and Jake have both shown me their ability to make good grades in school over the last years at The Classical Academy which means I didn’t mess them up academically…but the idea of homeschooling them without the assistance of a “professional teacher” leaves me insecure.

I even have friends who have offered to stand in the gap where I feel weak, but turning down that coveted wait-listed spot for Zoe’s 6th grade Cottage School brought me to my knees in prayer.  “Lord, you are going to have to give me that which I lack and guide me!” I will not have the professional teacher to walk her into these middle school years which I have had for ALL of my other children. She’s also the only one I taught to read.

Jake is next; he is going to keep some “extras” at College Pathways, but I am going to be his full-time teacher once again.  This week, we are making the call to give him a part-time status at College Pathways.

Ben is making his decision this week.  I’ve given him the choice – he can start DCC in two weeks knowing he might get pulled out to move in the weeks/months ahead or he can choose to stay home to be schooled with the rest.  There’s a chance we will be here for the full school year.  He will flourish either way.

What I really want is to have wisdom of the older me, the one that exists in 5 years to know that the decisions I am making for my kids today are the right decisions.  The truth is that I know that God’s wisdom is all I need, but sometimes deciphering whether the decisions I make are decisions I made with God or by myself can be hard.  My selfish self can sometimes get in the way of hearing God’s sure, steady voice.

The amount of prayer, thought, research, friendship, etc that has gone into the decisions and choices we have made are vast.  I honestly feel at peace with the decisions we have made thus far even though I am scared. Though my flesh can get in the way, I believe I have been open to the leading of the Spirit.  And if I did get it wrong, I pray that God would honor my desire to follow Him.

Now it is time to take what I have been given and walk out that which I know I have been called with integrity, honor, and diligence not forgetting to lose myself, my husband, or relationships in the midst of it.  I expect this year to be hard with the hope that it will be easier than I expect.  Truth be told, the hardest thing is going to be my focus – I LOVE to go, go, go…which we will WITH school…but school will have to be that focus.

It will be different.  It will be good.  It will be F.U.N. – because if it is not F.U.N., Renee’ cannot do it – FUN is my core motive and that what drives me – hard doesn’t mean lack of FUN 🙂

We are using TRISMS as the core of our work to research and learn the history of the world from 3500 BC to 2010.  I expect to see a lot of experiential learning, report writing, short stories, and poetry out of this time of research, reading, movie watching, and role playing.  Each child has a different math curriculum that suites their particular needs.  If Ben does come home to school, we will be throwing in some High School Biology into the mix as well!  (TRISMS has its own science component, but I feel like High School needs a bit more)

Cheers to living the adventure that lies ahead…