The Movie Pass Literally Saved Our Lives

Happy Birthday almost became Happy Homecoming Day to 5/6 of us!happy birthday

I’m not even kidding.

I woke up this morning to birthday greetings from my husband and all four of my children.  Those living in our home made me an amazing breakfast, gave me homemade cards with promises of greatness to come.

We all worked, did school, and walked to “Frys” to get all the ingredients for slamming sandwhiches for lunch and a grilled steak dinner.  It was a great, happy day.

I received tons of wishes for a great day from more than 100 friends and families in the form of letters, texts, FB posts, messages, and a friend even stopped by with a personally delivered piece of love!  I have been loved well!!!

We have had tons of fun this month, with tons more to come, so didn’t want to spend money out even though my family wanted to spoil me.  BUT, because we have these movie passes that we have already paid for, we can see one movie per day every day of the year!  It feels like we get to see free movies because they are already paid for.  So, I decided I’d let the movie pass be the thing that my family could spoil me with!

Tonight, well, tonight, the movie pass became PRICELESS!!!  They literally saved our lives.

I am not a huge movie buff.  There are a few well-placed movies that call me out to the theaters.  Like one or two a year.  And my family “get” me to watch movies with them at home for family time.  BUT my family all loves movies.  I have 4 kids (21, 16, 14, and 12) who ❤ movies.  So, I get into their world  To get into their world more, we all got movie passes.

Since we had the movie passes, I said “Let’s go see Jumanji for my birthday since it will be out of theaters soon.”  But really it was me being cheap and allowing my family to take me out for my birthday.  It was an alright movie…but I would have waited until it was on Netflix if I didn’t have the movie pass.  (this is not a full review of the movie – it was good)

The movie started at 6:20.  We left home at 6:03.  The movie ended at 8:19 and we drove home.  We were home by 8:30.

That’s when we knew the movie pass had saved our lives.  The house smelled of horrible gas.  A quick walk over to the stove and the culprit was found.  The burner had been left on, leaking gas into the house the entire time we were gone.  Had we been home, we would not have smelled the gas.  We would have silently gone to sleep and never woken up.

We have gas appliances and a gas heater, but no, none, nada, zip, zero Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

IMG_4154We opened all the windows, all the doors, turned on all the fans and did the reserach we needed to do.  We ate pie and ice cream and opened gifts outside.  And then we left the house wide open and drove to Wal-Mart.  There we purchased not one, but TWO, carbon monoxide detectors.  Our home is now replete with the tool that would save our lives had it not been for the movie pass.

So, as I end this 45th birthday, I am ending it fully alive and grateful for a movie pass that rescued our family and saved our lives!  I am ready to meet Jesus when that day comes, but TODAY was NOT that day!

So…two pieces of advice…

  1. If you don’t have a movie pass, I highly suggest it.  All kinds of movies are out there waiting to be seen for one crazy low price.  We paid 8.95 per month for ours!   But now, I call them simply PRICELESS!!!
  2. Get carbon monoxide detectors in your home if you don’t have them already.


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