Dear Dani,

This morning, I am thankful for you.  You already know that you brought me and so many others health we could never have imagined. Taking ownership of health has been completely transformational.  And I thank you for that.

But today, I am thinking of the abundance I have found. I’m not talking about financial abundance (although that is nice too). I’m talking about the personal growth.

IMG_5106In the past four years, here are some of the words I would use to describe my personal abundance:

  • Confidence
  • Purpose
  • Belief
  • Dreams
  • Trust
  • Love
  • Relationship

I have been told I have a story and a life that other’s want to take part in.  Seeing others grow in confidence and belief in themselves is something that utterly drives me, but having the confidence that others care to hear what I know is something that has taken time.  It is something I am still growing in.  But, I now have confidence that I was created a unique being whose life is worth sharing.  I have confidence that the things I am passionate about are important enough to share because there are others who not only care to know what I care about but because there are others who NEED to know why I care.  It doesn’t have to be for everyone.  But for those who care to know, I want them to know and I can stand in that confidence.

I wake up each and every morning with a desire to see others live their lives to their fullest potential THIS day.  We don’t have a day to waste.  Each day was given to us to live.  My desire for others to live for the purpose they were created gives me a skip in my step and pops me out of bed each morning!

I believe in me, but more importantly, I believe in others.  I SEE that every. single. woman, man, and child can do and become whatever they were created for.  As I believe in others, I believe more in myself.  I LOVE seeing others believe in themselves!!!

Somewhere along the way, I stopped dreaming.  I started looking for what’s realistic.  If it wasn’t realistic, achievable, or “sure to be a failure,” I stopped and didn’t continue dreaming.  I have learned to DREAM!!!  I have learned to BELIEVE in the power of dreaming.  If my dreams are in my ability, they are not big enough.  I don’t have to be worried about failure.  I don’t even have to achieve my dream.  But if I don’t reach for something bigger than me, I am holding God back.  I am not believing in His ability to show me what I was created for.

I am learning to trust my instincts.  I know everything I need to know to do what I was created to do.  This is probably the area I am growing in the most right now – trust!  I might not have the knowledge, experience, or have done the thing that is before me, but I know everything I need to DO what the instinct inside of me says I should do.  I will pick up the details of how I will execute as I listen to that still, small voice that tells me what to do!

Love for myself, my family, my friends, and my God has grown as I have come to find who I am along this journey.  When I struggle to love, I ask God to give me His eyes.

Because He is patient, I can be patient.  Because He is kind, I can be kind.
Because He does not envy, I don’t have to envy.
Because He does not boast, I do not have to boast.
Because He is not proud, I don’t have to be proud.
Because He does not dishonor others and is not self-seeking, I don’t have to dishonor others or be self-seeking.
Because is not easily angered, I don’t have to be easily angered.
Because He keeps no records of wrong, I keep no records of wrong.
He does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, and He protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
So I can do the same. 

I will spend my entire life growing in Love.

My understanding of business has grown which has created a depth of understanding in me that goes far beyond business.  Everything in life comes down to relationship.  The way we live every aspect of our life matters.  I could write an entire book on this topic.  Whether if a time span is a moment or a lifetime, the value of others is always priority.  When I consider relationship my question is this, is what I am saying or doing providing value to the other.  As I value others, I value myself more too!  Relationship is everything!

My dear friend, Dani, YOU are the reason I have found amazing abundance.  I am a better person because you chose to invite me to your home to teach me about little drops of plant juice four years ago.  I could never have begun to imagine how plant juice (aka essential oils) would impact every single aspect of my life.

Thank you!

I love you and am forever grateful for your choice to care!

Almost THE final mile

Two weeks ago, I finished a 7 mile run with numb extremities and blue lips. During the week, I struggled to run, so on my Friday run, I was DETERMINED I was going to complete ONE stinking mile before I walked. I was training for a 1/2 marathon for goodness sake, and I should be able to run one, lonely, stinking mile without stopping for air!!! It doesn’t matter that I’m running at 6800 feet because I live here and I’ve been running at elevation for 3 years now.

By the time I finished that first mile, I couldn’t see. I was running with my eyes closed because I was blacking out — but dang it, I finished that mile!
I grabbed ahold of the fence next to me for a few seconds and smiled as I told Ray all was good. I jogged and walked the rest of the two miles. It was a crappy run, but I at least finished that first mile.

An hour later, I was walking across the gym floor to take my position as Zoe’s volleyball coach for her first ever volleyball game. As I reached the chairs, I lost my vision and decided I better take a seat before passing out. After a few seconds on the chair, I was fine. The Volleyball games went on (Zoe’s team won one and lost two).

Many friends suggested that I should get to a Dr. So, this past Friday, my physician was concerned enough that he performed an EKG. ran blood work, and sent me to a cardiologist.

The EKG showed a long QT rate which along with the symptoms I had displayed, suggested it could have caused me to die while running the week before.

I was told that until I was cleared by the cardiologist, I could not exercise beyond walking.

Ray and I have a race in May for which we are going away for a few days to wine country in CA — this news was not welcome for many reasons — running is LIFE! Some people smoke cigarettes, some people have yoga, or soda, or beer, or…. — well, I have running — to not run, is sort of like not breathing to me.

I assumed my running career was over after learning about Long QT rates and finding that my blood work showed a normal, healthy Renee’. Because we are going to live life to its fullest no matter what is thrown our way, we have been planning our life of yoga and golf – destination running for Ray and me finding new ways to embarraas him as a cheerleader while he runs and enjoying the adventure of life without my running.

But guys, today I went to the cardiologist. I DO NOT HAVE A LONG QT RATE!!!! The EKG machine said I do, but the cardiologist said, “I have not yet been replaced by a computer.” I have a “u” wave which caused the machine to read my QT rate incorrectly. (“u” waves are common for runners with a slow heart rate)

She believes the symptoms were caused from a combination of
1. having been sick for two weeks prior
2. running before I was completely healthy
3. needing more sodium for my low runner’s blood pressure
(Ray learned that Cheetos are the best source of salt when in need while running the Pike’s Peak Ascent a few years ago)

My grandfather died at 52, my dad at 37, and my brother has had multiple heart attacks — so….she’s going to run a battery of other tests on me just to be sure she is not missing something.

In the meantime, she told me to RUN — I get to BREATHE again — I have to take it easy and not push it until the other tests are done — but I get to RUN!!!!!!!


Lessons From a Current Season of Wandering

I am in a study of Beth Moore’s David: Seeking a Heart Like His with a group of friends who are new to me.  Tuesday mornings have quickly become my refuge!  Today I started to respond to a Facebook post about our current study; after it started getting really long, I decided I would just share it in a blog post for the world to see instead 🙂

Facebook Post for Discussion on Beth Moore’s David: Seeking a Hearth Like His
Week 5 Day 1: Today has 2 main ideas, the first one is how God speaks specifically to us through Scripture if we learn how to listen. Beth said she takes these 4 steps: 1) acknowledge specific need for direction 2) continue to pray daily and study His Word 3) ask Him to help recognize His answer and 4) ask for a confirmation if any doubt. The second idea is how David finally settled down in Hebron after years of being on the go. Have you gone through a period of being unsettled and longing for a place to set down roots? If so, how did it feel to finally get settled?

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My response:
Ahhhh…..two lessons in a row that I am IN the midst of the season being discussed. Sorry this one is long — but it is too good not to share  I have moved A LOT!  I have had 28 addresses in 13 states in my 43 years.  I have never lived anywhere longer than my current address of 8 years.

My husband HAS employment and fortunately he works for a large company so he is not currently at risk of being unemployed. However, last February, we were all set to move to AZ for his job by May.  The very next month, in March, the investors put a halt to all development and everything was put on hold. If he had worked for a smaller company, he would have just been laid off.

For almost the last year, he does not really know what his job will be from day to day, week to week. He just does whatever needs to be done – sometimes in AL, sometimes in VA, sometimes in CA, sometimes in the office here in town, and sometimes from home.

Last year  (2016) our family’s word was “Trust”, our phrase “I have gone before you; I have prepared a way”, our song was “No Longer a Slave to Fear”, and our Bible verse was Isahiah 45:2-3 –

I will go before you and level the mountains. I will break the doors of bronze and cut through the bars of iron. I will give you the treasure of darkness and hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who called you by our name.


In February, we were sure that we obviously knew we needed to trust Him for our move to AZ which would be our home base as we traveled between various places in CA and AZ — perhaps even more of the US.  We didn’t know if it was going to be a six month assignment or a permanent move, but we prepared for a family adventure.  It was “obvious” to us that God had already gone before us so there was no need to fear. The word, phrase, song, Bible verse made perfect sense for THAT plan.

In March when the investor put everything on hold, it made sense that God knew when the end of this was going to be because every. single. month. until October, we were told it was going to be next month; they even released some of the money and for 2 weeks, Ray went back to work on the program before they redirected everything again.

I did NOT like my husband for part of last year. Divorce is not an option, so that was not even a thought, but I DID think, how can I possibly show respect to someone I don’t like. He was so stressed and irritable — not the nice, happy person he usually is. There was a 3 month period that it was THE most difficult place in our 16 year marriage that I had known.

Well…let me tell you, we ARE still in the middle of not knowing where we are going to live, what job will bring in a paycheck, and our relationships within the family and with friends have been changed in so many ways due to the uncertainty of our last year.

BUT GOD…He is so good! He taught us that trust is not about our expectation of life but trust in Him is about believing He has gone before us. He has leveled the mountains. He has already done all the work that is before us. We don’t have to understand the details of what that might mean, but when we truly trust His plan over ours, we can be in peace right where we are. We still don’t know anything about our future, but we have all learned and are learning to be right where we are today: to take the joys, the people, and the life He has given us in the moment and be present.  We are planning for an unknown future with a certainty that He is constant and He already knows what is ahead.  He is our rock, our fortress, and we will not be shaken because He is our savior and keeper of our honor!

BEFORE my husband found his own direction to Thrive (a whole other story), I learned that respecting him unconditionally is like loving someone unconditionally. Even when He didn’t deserve to be respected, I could look past Him and his hurts to a God that is so much more. I didn’t need to make snide remarks or expect anything more than a hurt human being. Ray’s life was turned upside down last year. His identity had been smack dab in the middle of who he is as an engineer and the worth that the role brought him (which he loves and does amazing work). When your identity is destroyed by someone else’s decision, any one of us are not going to be a nice person. It would be easy to say, but if your identity is in Christ, no one else can rip that from you.  And in a perfect world, I would agree with you.  I am a child of God and try as I might to find my identity only in Him, I can only imagine someone coming to take my kids because my role as their mother is not needed right now and how my identity would be shredded. My identity as a mom would be demolished.  I do believe with all my heart that I am a child of God and my identity is firmly rooted in Him, but there are some things that would take some getting over because I am a human who is not perfect in my flesh.

I do want to tell you that 2016 was hard.  But it was wonderful.  As a family, we have grown together in new ways and our foundation is greater than ever.  I am more in love with husband that I have ever been and have found a new respect for seeing Ray weather the storms.  He has taken a hold of “the care and keeping of Ray” and has truly transformed into an even better version of the amazing man he already was.

I’m suspect there will be a time that we are “sure” of our future for at least a moment…but the truth is, the only thing I can be sure of is today and a God who loves me and dreams for me bigger than I could possibly love and dream for myself.  I am grateful for Team Hogan, my home, my business, Ray’s job, and the life I have today!

Two Little Words – “Trust” and “Pride”

2017 is fast approaching– our family’s One Little Word for 2016 was “Trust” and having that one word spurred me on to delve deeper as to what trusting God really meant and to seek where my trust was lacking… I encourage you to find that one word for 2017…

We started our year with a word, a phrase, and a verse…


Trust – “I have gone before you; I have prepared a way.”

I will go before you and level the mountains (exalted places). I will break the doors of branze and cut through the bars of iron. I will give you the trasure of darkness and the Hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who called you by your Name. – Isaiah 45:2-3

We assumed we knew what that meant.  Ray had been traveling to CA 3 weeks a month for months in anticipation of an eventual position in AZ.  The assumption is that we would trust God as we left CO and uprooted our family.

By February there was confirmation that we would indeed by leaving by May for a temporary or permanent job in AZ which would lead to a year of TRAVEL – homeschooling our kids, running my business on the go, and getting to experience all America has to offer.  And in less than one short month, that confirmation came screeching to a halt…in March, everything got put on hold.

Although we haven’t missed a single paycheck or had the threat of “job loss,” Ray has not known what was expected of him with regards to his work since March or what the future would hold.  We are still in that space today.  My business is growing by leaps and bounds and Ray has job security without the knowledge of what is expected of him each day.  Maybe we’ll get a move notice next week or maybe we’ll stay exactly where we are for the rest of our lives.

I would say that the one thing we have really learned in 2016 is that trust in God is not understanding what is happening, instead, it is trusting in His plan, not our perception of what we think His plan is going to be.  Trusting in His plan is greater than trusting in ourselves to make His plan happen.  It is how we have peace in the midst of uncertainty.

As 2016 comes to a close, we have been praying out our word for 2017.
Words like, freedom, set free, humility, seek and so forth have come to mind but did not set well.  The word “Pride” came and I tried to shove it aside.

After someone else’s confirmation, 2017’s one little word for our family is “Pride” — this word is challenging me because I have felt as if it was a negative word. I thought about changing it to humility because that feels like an opposite but positive word.


2017  – A Word, A Phrase, and a Verse

Pride – “Be teachable not right”
Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.
Prov 13:10

The truth is I am afforded the opportunity to seek deep within myself and go to God with what I want (each of us are). My truth is I know there is pride within myself and others in my family which holds us back from being a better version of ourselves; pride that holds us back from learning new things; pride that holds us back from loving one another and others well. Seeking truth results in freedom. Freedom results in much goodness. So, I am praying to embrace the word ‘Pride’ and go to God with a humble attitude as I seek His face.

I want to state that my family loves well.  We enjoy one another.  We love one another.  We enjoy others.  We love others.  However, every one of us like to be right.  I pray that this year, we will be teachable and learn how to love better!

I want to implore you to seek your word for 2017 – in some ways, I wish for you to find an “easier” word, but truly, I hope that you are challenged in some way that will propel you towards knowing Him and becoming more like Him this year.  So whatever your word is, embrace it and seek first the Kingdom of God!!!

Bring on 2017 with the expectation of great things!!!


Winter Harvest Has my Heart

Last week my world was rocked in expected and unexpected ways.

Ray and I got to spend the week with 18 strangers who were definitely NOT strangers by the week’s end!  We had unfettered access to all that the farm had to offer from floral water hot tubs, the machinery, the fields, and all the Ningxia Red, Nitro, and Zyng we could get our hands on!

We began the week as strangers…now we are family!!!

NO question was off limits.  If we wanted to take part, we were able to take part.  There was complete availability and openness in all areas.  Young Living is proud of what they do because what they do is amazing and ALL the staff at the farm was proud of their part in the process.

Mike, Brett, and Jessie gave us every chance to do and ask anything and everything we wanted.  They are amazing as is the rest of their staff!  Thank you guys!!!

At winter harvest, we were a part of the Seed to Seal process and were also trained on the use of the product itself as well.  We took an amazing hike to a 70 foot roaring waterfall.  We had the opportunity to experience a bit of research and development of a potential new essential oil.  We cooked together, danced together, ate together, laughed, and even cried together (there were 15 women after all).  At night we hung out together learning from the highs and lows of our combined experiences.  We cut patterns for Sole Hope Uganda to be able to put together 28 pairs of shoes for children in need.

Classes, Sole Hope, Cooking, and Fun!

Seed to Seal was not always important to me.

Young Living is the world’s leader in essential oils.  It’s not just a slogan – it is a fact.  Over and over it is agreed upon by world’s experts.  Their seed to seal process sets them apart.  Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns even one of their own farms.

I didn’t know until last week that the process mattered much to me.  I cared about the end result of having great essential oils and essential oil infused products.  However, I didn’t KNOW that the process of how our company went about getting those products mattered so much.

Tree Care Done By Hand

Seeing the process and being a part of the efforts gave me even greater confidence that Young Living truly does produce the best quality oils in the world.  There is NO OTHER company that owns their own farms.  It matters because there is no part of the process that is not understood by everyone that runs the company – the pride in quality starts with the planting of the seeds all the way through what is presented to the consumer.

Seed to Seal in Video, Pictures, and Captions!!!

This video of Ray moving trees is narrated by me sharing the process of how these trees are cut and brought to the end of being bottled Blue Spruce essential oils.

The trees are planted as saplings, taken care of by hand, cut down, and distilled before being tested and bottled.  Young Living replants and only uses trees that were planted for the purpose of farming.

The Distillation Process

Ray is loading the cooker with the chips.
We leveled and stomped the chips in the cooker.
Two years ago they computerized the system to monitor the temperatures and environment carefully.  They literally used to put their ears to the pipes to monitor the system.
Gaschromography as the first level of quality testing at the distillery.  Samples are also sent to Spanish Forks with the batch label attached to be sure all the numbers are within quality standards.

IMG_7583.JPGThe oils are actually sent to Spanish Fork, Utah for bottling after the testing has been approved, but we were able to bottle one for ourselves.

IMG_7586.JPGWe have officially been a part of the entire seed to seal process for these bottles we hold in our hand.

My favorite topics are my relationship with God, health, wellness, and essential oils.  If you want to skype, Facetime, email, or grab a cup of coffee…don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m not even offended if you are skeptical or unbelieving…less than 3 years ago, I didn’t even know about it and when I bought them, I sort of thought it was just snake oil.  I didn’t expect great things, but now my life has been changed!!!

I am forever grateful to April Pointer for even making this week a possibility.

Here Comes The Adventure….

Well, sort of.  It’s not the answer that I or many of you have wanted to know.

I promised last Thursday that I would write a blogpost that would better explain my Facebook post that was a bit vague.

It didn’t start vague.  The Facebook post just started to be an innocent exclamation that I had turned down a spot at The Classical Academy’s Cottage School program for Zoe and that I was have a few heart palpitations regarding that decision.

My Facebook Post ended up being…


Sometimes we say yes to things that bring us fear out of shear obedience to God — THIS is one of those times.

May I be faithful to follow in the footsteps for which I have been created.

…I’ll try to get a blog post with better details done


I realized that there was so much more behind the statement that it deserved a memory written in words…so that’s what this is…a blogpost for myself to remember THIS place and time in life…and for those who do read, you can understand where I am today and what has brought me to this place.

hogan adventuresIn February, we made a decision that we expected would change our lives beginning in May of this year that would create a year of adventure – traveling, working, and doing school based out of Arizona but traveling quite a bit.  In March, due to situations out of our control, that decision was put on hold.  I cannot really explain too much about what has caused that decision to delay or be put on hold; however, it really has left our family wondering what the next weeks would hold since March.  It has been hard to make plans, make commitments, choose vacations, and even to know what school would look like for the Hogans in 2016-2017.

For me personally, how my children would be educated in the coming year has been my biggest stressor as we have walked through this season.  Ray’s job has never been threatened and I know we’ll have a roof over our heads no matter where our physical living location might be.

If we were on the road, we were going to homeschool – like REAL homeschool – for the first time ever.  We have “homeschooled” according to those who know us for the past 7 years, but we have always had a public school component to our homeschool life.  Colorado offers an abundance of public school options for homeschoolers.  For the last 3 years, I have been more of a facilitator of Ben’s work and for Jake, that has been true for the past 2 years.  Zoe was just about to enter the state where I would be a facilitator of school more than her teacher.  That has been my plan for 7 years of homeschooling…I would slowly move them towards public school beginning in 6th grade.

If the plan was to stay in CO in 2016-2017, this is what school was going to look like…

Ben – traditional Public High School at Discovery Canyon Campus in North Colorado Springs

Jake – Full-time College Pathways with Math at home (it is a public hybrid school where students go to school 1-2 days a week with a classroom teacher and do the rest at home/online)

Zoe – Part-time Cottage School (she would go to school one day a week where the focus is on language arts including writing, grammar, literature along with various extras) and math at home.

Jake and Zoe have requested to be traditionally homeschooled even before the thought of an adventure was mentioned.  I have a masters of science, I was a straight-A student in high school and with my masters.  I have homeschooled for 7 years even having my oldest graduate from homeschool last year.  She was awarded a Presidential Scholarship for Academic performance at BIOLA University.  You would think I would have confidence in my abilities…but truth be told, I want excellence for my kids and sometimes I think they are a part of my experiment.  Ben and Jake have both shown me their ability to make good grades in school over the last years at The Classical Academy which means I didn’t mess them up academically…but the idea of homeschooling them without the assistance of a “professional teacher” leaves me insecure.

I even have friends who have offered to stand in the gap where I feel weak, but turning down that coveted wait-listed spot for Zoe’s 6th grade Cottage School brought me to my knees in prayer.  “Lord, you are going to have to give me that which I lack and guide me!” I will not have the professional teacher to walk her into these middle school years which I have had for ALL of my other children. She’s also the only one I taught to read.

Jake is next; he is going to keep some “extras” at College Pathways, but I am going to be his full-time teacher once again.  This week, we are making the call to give him a part-time status at College Pathways.

Ben is making his decision this week.  I’ve given him the choice – he can start DCC in two weeks knowing he might get pulled out to move in the weeks/months ahead or he can choose to stay home to be schooled with the rest.  There’s a chance we will be here for the full school year.  He will flourish either way.

What I really want is to have wisdom of the older me, the one that exists in 5 years to know that the decisions I am making for my kids today are the right decisions.  The truth is that I know that God’s wisdom is all I need, but sometimes deciphering whether the decisions I make are decisions I made with God or by myself can be hard.  My selfish self can sometimes get in the way of hearing God’s sure, steady voice.

The amount of prayer, thought, research, friendship, etc that has gone into the decisions and choices we have made are vast.  I honestly feel at peace with the decisions we have made thus far even though I am scared. Though my flesh can get in the way, I believe I have been open to the leading of the Spirit.  And if I did get it wrong, I pray that God would honor my desire to follow Him.

Now it is time to take what I have been given and walk out that which I know I have been called with integrity, honor, and diligence not forgetting to lose myself, my husband, or relationships in the midst of it.  I expect this year to be hard with the hope that it will be easier than I expect.  Truth be told, the hardest thing is going to be my focus – I LOVE to go, go, go…which we will WITH school…but school will have to be that focus.

It will be different.  It will be good.  It will be F.U.N. – because if it is not F.U.N., Renee’ cannot do it – FUN is my core motive and that what drives me – hard doesn’t mean lack of FUN 🙂

We are using TRISMS as the core of our work to research and learn the history of the world from 3500 BC to 2010.  I expect to see a lot of experiential learning, report writing, short stories, and poetry out of this time of research, reading, movie watching, and role playing.  Each child has a different math curriculum that suites their particular needs.  If Ben does come home to school, we will be throwing in some High School Biology into the mix as well!  (TRISMS has its own science component, but I feel like High School needs a bit more)

Cheers to living the adventure that lies ahead…

Cleaning Tips, Recipes, & Respiratory Health

mud-finger-painting-daycare-preschool-Mechanicsburg-Lebanon-Hershey-Harrisburg-Lancaster-Palmyra-York-PA-U-GRO-Learning-Centres-1-Best-Child-Care-Summer-CampMy mom taught me her ways.  As a farm girl from rural Wisconsin in the time of outhouses, pump water, one room school houses, and house calls from the ONE county doctor, she knew how to take care of virtually everything with whatever she had around.  I learned about mud on bee stings, hot milk soaked bread to pull out splinters, and the virtues of vinegar for everything as the norms of life.  I love that I learned so much from my surroundings in my young years.  As I became an adult, I left behind all the farm girl virtues I had been taught for whatever I could buy that had pretty packaging and lofty promises.Cleansing Room Spray

I went back to “nature” when slicing the budget because I chose to spend money on experiences versus the pretty packaging I had previously turned to.  My natural ways all worked well but I did not turn to them for health reasons, so I wasn’t married to the idea of natural cleaners or personal care products.

And then last year, I decided to learn and teach others the virtues of natural cleansers (because I had heard they were important).  I learned that virtually all cleaners found in your grocery aisle are indeed so toxic that they cannot even be used by industrial sites, hospitals, or restaurants without hazmat suits.  However, as household consumers, we are perfectly able to purchase them for our home.

All-Purpose CleanerI often purchased the “green” version of grocery store cleaners for my home thinking that I was making a good choice.  And then when I was researching for myself, I learned that these so-called “green” cleaners were just as bad as the original ones – the marketing for the companies know that families are looking for healthier alternatives and when we those of us who haven’t done our own research buy items, reaching for the green version would catch our eyes.

I found the following article posted on the American Lung Association’s website that I felt was a great unbiased source that made my conviction strong.  I am so thrilled that I have officially rid my home of all toxic cleaners.

American Lung Association: Cleaning Supplies and Household Chemicals


Thieves Glass Cleaner

There is honestly very little that cannot be cleaned without vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.  I have found other items that appeal to me for a few reasons – one is cost, another is smell, and yet another is convenience.  I simply hated the smell of vinegar for all my cleaning.  I have since found Thieves cleaner to make my cleaning supplies with – it smells divine and it’s honestly even cheaper than vinegar because it uses such a small amount of the concentrate to make the cleaners.

reusable dryer sheets

How I use Natural Cleaners and Scents in My Home:

For A Good Smelling Home:  I diffuse natural blends of essential oils for pleasing aromas which also have great health benefits.

For my kitchen:  I use Made All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, and Soft Scrub made from the Thieves concentrate and Norwex Rags (that I bought from my friend Lindsay)

For my bathroom:  All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, and Soft Scrub made from Thieves concentrate, Norwex rags, cotton rags, and a scrub brush.

For dusting:  Thieves All-Purpose Cleaner and Norwex Rags

For carpet:  Thieves All-Purpose Cleaner

For windows:  Thieves Glass Cleaner or my Norwex Rags

For laundry:  Thieves Laundry Soap and Reusable Dryer Sheets for freshness, softening, and static OR vinegar and purification in the fabric softener spot.

For clean-up on a counter after cutting meat: Thieves all-purpose cleaner

EVERY item above can be used by a toddler to help you clean with not one concern for their health or safety!




Seasons of Scents OP
Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser